ASTAM supplies all kind of rolling mills and meltshop plants

  • Rolling Mills.
  • Sections Mills.
  • Wire Rod Lines.
  • Meltshops

ASTAM provides the full range of services and supplies involved in a turnkey project, which stretches from feasibility studies technical consultancy up to commissioning and after sales service.

Our design allows us to build a mill that is very compact for its capacity. We offer continuously improve process know-how in the design and manufacture of competitive plants from ore to finished products.


Our consultancy service covers Iron / Steel processes through a high understanding of Rolling / Melting techniques up to date.

Extensive Rolling / Melting operating experience allow us to provide "hands on" operation analysis and performance improvement assistance.

Consultancy Service assures that our client derives all potential benefits from the given project.

We are committed to deliver value to our clients regardless the project size - from small studies for mini mill to large plant engineering and construction projects


ASTAM is ready to predict market tendencies and consequently develop R&D projects by analyzing our customer’s current and future needs. R&D Team gives priority to future technological solutions that at the end will benefit to you. With the experience, we are ready meet your different order. Besides, our professional R&D team will work for you with the most convenient service.

ASTAM has a valuable experience in Basic and Detail Engineering from civil work to electrical, mechanical and auxiliary plants facilities. 

ASTAM Engineering & Projecting Team is ready to handle all relevant and necessary calculations for setting up the mills as well as offering new designing of mill. from civil work to electrical, mechanical and auxiliary plants facilities.


ASTAM works up to date by following the latest developments and considering your requirements.


ASTAM engineers and technicians are assisted in their task by the trustworthiness and guarantees offered by the latest technologies to design and ensure the quality of the rolling mill / meltshop plant and related equipments and spare parts. All of these machines and equipments can be customized to your specific production needs and are backed by the latest available technology and 20 years of experience.

With the machinery and equipments we supply, you do not only get a replacement but you get a continuous improvement to your project.
The primary goal of ASTAM is to maintain an uninterrupted supply of high quality, comparable cost products and services for your needs. ASTAM strives to continuously improve its product quality, overall costs.

ASTAM is specialized in the manufacture and supply of:
Re-heating Furnaces, Stands, Gear boxes, Cold Shears, Crop Shears, Finish Shears, Guides, Cooling Bed,  Water Quenching Systems, Roller Ways, Loopers, Straightening & Packing Groups,  Electrical Arc Furnaces (EAF), Continuous Casting Machines (CCM),  Ladle Furnaces, Ladles, Scrap Buckets, Ladle Cars, Water Cooled Ducts, Water Cooled Panels, Fume Treatment Plants,  Electrode Arms   and all other related spare parts and auxiliaries for rolling mills and meltshops.


ASTAM also covers the revamping, modification, upgrading,    supply of spare parts for the existing  Rolling Mills, Wire Rod  Lines, Section Mills and Meltshops.

No matter if you are planning an upgrade of a single equipment or an overall optimization of your plant – ASTAM is one of the  most successful and efficient company in this field and really knows exactly how to optimize a system and to reveal your rolling mill/melt shop’s true potential and improve the efficiency and increase the capacity..

What's more, our integrated consulting and engineering approach always helps to see the COMPLETE picture and to come up with solutions that exceed the customer's expectations.


ASTAM covers full projects including overall site implementation, montage and project management. Start up and commissioning together with after-sales service are provided aiming to easy start and production handling. The target of shouldering all these phases is to have the overall control of the projects that guarantees on-time delivery and quality.


ASTAM gives operational service to operate the plants to make the production of required products. ASTAM OPERATING TEAM is composed of professionals and are very well in their fields and offers a wide area of experience and gives you the best to let you catch the capacity you require in your mill. Operational Management is the backbone of rolling/melting technology supplied.

It is not only important to get technology but also to make the technology work. 

In the Operational Site Management, ASTAM covers specific goals to improve plant’s capacity, and performance.

ASTAM has a strong experience in this sectors with different plants and with different problematics.

Production efficiency happens when highly reliable state-of-the art technology meets a skilled and motivated workforce to produce exactly what the market needs. This principle has made ASTAM one of the most successful company in Operating the Plants. 

Why don't you profit from this experience?!


ASTAM is pleased to announce that he gives training and technical assistance services in all aspects of the industry for companies worldwide within its vast knowledge and skills in rolling mill and meltshop plants.

The term training for steel industry refers to the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and competencies as a result of getting vocational or practical skills.

ASTAM gives training service in two ways:

  • ASTAM gives Training Course to Customers if their plant is supplied directly by ASTAM on turnkey basis.
  • Additionally ASTAM arranges dedicated training programs for customers who request it.

ASTAM Provides Rolling Mill & Meltshop Solutions!

Offers guarantee of global quality in the services and solutions.

Designs flexible mills to handle with different ranges of products.

Offers efficient plants, focusing on the plant yield by minimizing the short bars, the number of cobbles, crops and the minimization of downtime.

Continuously improve process know-how in the design and manufacture of competitive plants from ore to finished products.

Studies the most suitable roll pass design as per product mix and customer demands.

Manufactures low operational cost equipment, work with long life consumables and standardized spares parts.

Ensures the high quality of products.

Operates with the optimal men power requirements.

Achieving continuous customer satisfaction by providing products and services of a high quality.